2020 Features of CAVE Web Analytics 1

The Ever-Growing List of CAVE Web Analytics Features

Automatically detects CAVE & Google Analytics campaign parameters in your URLs.

Understand and improve your online business thanks to advanced E-commerce analytics features.

Create text notes in your graphs, to remember particular events.

Measure impressions and clicks and CTR for image banners, text banners and any element on your pages.

With Custom Alerts you can monitor your business and receive alerts on your phone or by email when any of your Key Performance Indicators increases or decreases.

Create new dashboards with widget configurations that fit your needs.

Assign any custom data to your visitors or actions (like pages, events, …) and then visualize the reports of how many visits, conversions, page views, etc. there were for each Custom Dimension.

Similar to Custom Dimensions: custom name-value pair that you can assign to your visitors (or page views) using the JavaScript Tracking API, and then visualize the reports of how many visits, conversions, etc. for each custom variable.

Data export in Excel, XML, JSON and more!
Fully-featured analytics API
Segmentation support in the API

Measure any interaction by users on your websites and apps.

Segmentation support in the API

Locate your visitors for accurate detection of Country, Region, City, Organization. View the visitor’s statistics on a World Map by Country, Region, City. View your latest visitors in real-time.

Track Goals and identify whether you are meeting your current business objectives.

Import and Analyze your Server Logs

You can keep all your data

Display statistics directly on top of your website with our smart overlay.

View what visitors did before, and after viewing a specific page.

Watch the real-time flow of visits to your website. Get a detailed view of your visitors, pages they have visited and the goals they have triggered.

Current & past metric data for any row in any report.

Embed reports in your app or website (40+ Widgets available) or embed PNG Graphs in any custom page, email, or app.

Track searches that are done on your internal search engine.

Keeps track of how fast your website delivers content to your visitors.

By default, we recommend the Javascript Tracking API
Mobile App Analytics with the iOS SDK, the Android SDK, and the Titanium Module.
Asynchronous code for faster page loads
Track and record any data using the REST Tracking API, via the PHP Tracking API Client or the Java Tracking API client, C# DotNet Tracker
Track custom page URLs and page titles
Track subdomains
User ID lets you accurately measure your unique users across multiple devices.
Cross-domain linking for accurate visitor tracking across several domain names.
Supports both 1st party cookies (default) and 3rd party cookie (optional)
Track server speed generation time for each pageview
Track single-page websites and web applications
Supports pages encoded in Unicode (for example, UTF-8) but also supports all other charsets

Automatic tracking of file downloads clicks on external website links, optional tracking of 404 pages

More than 800 different search engines tracked!

Visitor Profile helps you understand each visitors’ individual behavior by summarizing and listing all their visits.

2020 Features of CAVE Web Analytics 2
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